Percentage of Completion full SOC

Automated GAAP includes Accrued Wages and Over/Under Billings Accruals. Controllers spend their time verifying quality rather than spread sheets.

Grids are Real Time Drill Down Dashboards

Grids are Real Time Drill Down Dashboards

Quick and easy entry. Drill down on blue numbers to get substantiation.

Cards with Pictures/Videos

Every grid has card views that allow quick view of pictures and videos.


Every grid has scheduling tools that can be turned on.

Task Management

Every grid has task management tools that can be turned on.


Approvals can be turned on for POs, Subcontracts, AP Invoices and Timecards


Centralized Email, Text Messaging, Notifications

Automated Audit Trail

Transactions can be easily fixed, and we do the automated audit trail for you. User name, date and time stamps facilitate reporting on all changes.

Dynamic Tabs

Tabs are specified at the grid and/or dialog view level.

Dynamic Filters

Dynamic filters can be specified at the grid level for each view.

Automated Cost Control

Committed Costs (POs and Subcontracts), Status Projection and Budget Actual Variances can be quickly viewed by amounts, hours or quantities.

Two Report Writers

TimeSuite Web Report Writer and Crystal Reports Report Writer

Dynamic Features (turn on turn off) Include:

  • Dynamic Customizable Views, Dynamic Modifiable Setup (Dynamic setup that can be changed after you implement.)
  • Modern Software, Fast, Efficient
  • Tools for Every Grid (Including Notifications, Task Management, Gantt Scheduling, Card Views, Grid Views, Dialog Views, Dynamic Tabs, Dynamic Filters, List Management, Report Editing/Creation, Form Letter Editing/Creation, Centralized Email, Content Delivery, Checklists and more)
  • Time & Billing / Time & Material Billing, Progress (AIA) Billings, Unitary (AIA) Billing, Item Billing, Work Order Billing
  • CRM/Contact Management (including Opportunities, Estimates, Quotes, Contacts, Calendar, Meeting Invites, Form Letters, Scheduling, Notifications, Messaging, Soft-phone Integration and more)
  • Estimating, On-Screen Takeoff (including Assemblies/Kits, Dynamic Cost Types, Views, PO/Subcontract Creation, Inventory Transactions, Billing Creation, Change Orders and more)
  • Project Management Doc Control and Daily Logs (including RFIs, Submittals, Plans, Drawings, Specifications, Punch Lists, Observations, Resource Scheduling, Gantt Scheduling and more)
  • Work Orders (including Estimating WOs, and Scheduling/Service Dispatch, Lump Sum and T&M Billing, Credit Card Collection, Scheduling, Cards and Task Management)
  • Job Cost, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Payroll, Purchase Orders, Receiving Slips, Subcontractor Control, Bank/Credit Card Reconciliations. Electronic ACH Receipts and Payments, Credit Cards Landing Page,
  • Automated Audit Trial: GL, AR, AP, Inventory, Job Cost and Payroll Transactions (We do the correcting and reversing entries for you, and log the user and date / timestamp.)
  • History of modifications to records.
  • Centralized / Normalized Relational Transactions Data Structure. (Transactions are not stored in many locations/modules)
  • Role, Profile and User Level Security.
  • Scheduling Tools: Gantt Scheduling, Subs and Employee Scheduling, and Other Resource Scheduling
  • Content Delivery (unlimited documents, images, videos etc.)
  • Production Projections and Reporting,
  • Payroll (Including Certified, Multi-State, Union, Direct Deposit, Electronic Filing, Printed Forms, Geo Timecards, Kiosk, and Bread Crumb visuals)
  • Multi-Entity Consolidations, Departments, Divisions
  • DCAA Compliant
  • Automated Percentage of Completion Over/Under Billings, Full Summary of Contracts, and History of Profit Gain and Fade for Each Job. Retroactive allocation of Over/Under Allocated Indirect Costs.
  • Automated Accrued Wages (job costs reported by labor date for reports that tie into your financials).
  • Job Status Projections (including history and charting of periodic projected margins/gross profit.
  • Drill Down Dashboards,
  • Web Report Writer,
  • Crystal Reports Report Writer,
  • Work Order Management (including Estimates, Lump Sum and T&M Billing, Scheduling, and Task Management)
  • Equipment Control, Plant Control, Depreciation Schedules and Accruals, Equipment Maintenance Scheduling, Equipment Utilization, and Allocated vs. Actual Cost Rate Reporting
  • Approvals (AP, POs, Subcontracts and Timecard),
  • Change Order Control (including CORs and Master COs)
  • Lien Releases
  • And more.

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