TimeSuite Web Sample Video Links 

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TimeSuite Web and Mobile Overview

Initial Setup:
Setting Up Web and Mobile Users

Getting Around in Software
Grid Mechanics
Dialog Mechanics
Access Toolbox from within the Web Interface
Emailing an Estimate
Accessing Toolbox from the TimeSuite Web Interface

Areas of the Software

Task Management
Job Status Driving Percentage of Completion Reporting
Geo Timecard (Mobile and Web)
Geo Timecard (Mobile only)
Daily Log and Daily Log Checklist with Mobile Geo Timecards

Job PO
Job AP Invoice
Job AR Invoice


Mobile: Copying an icloud video link

TimeSuite Toolbox Desktop Video Links:
Dashboard Reporting
Percentage Completion Financial Reporting

Quick info Sheet and User Guild

Quick Info Sheet Link
User Guide  Link (Includes sample reports)

Training Videos

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Cost Control Webinar – Topics: Direct Cost vs Indirect Costs vs Overhead (Operating) Costs, Direct Cost Types vs Direct Cost Groups, Over/Under Allocated Indirect Costs, Loaded Labor Factor, Labor Variances: Production vs Rate Variances, Job Status – Labor (Projecting Labor Hours), Job Status (Projecting Job Cost and Profit), Cost Control (POs, Subcontracts and Labor Hours Status), Job Cost Control Dashboard and Crystal Reports, Percentage of Completion Financial Reporting.

Crystal Reports Webinar – Topics: Stored Procedures, Stored Procedure Library, Creating a Report, Preferences, Adding Fields to Reports, Creating Variables, Running Total Variables, Creating Parameters, Groups, Filtering reports, Cosmetic Changes, Adding Lines and, Adding Text, Additional Formatting Options, Drill Down to Detail, On Demand Sub-Reports, SQL Expressions, Sub-Reports, Crystal Help Files, Dividing by Zero, Verifying Report (refreshing report), Writing Reports with Tables and Limitations, Editing Existing Reports

Month End WebinarTopics: Explain Work Papers, Identify Reports Needed, Reconcile Accounts, Reprint Reports, Put Together Work Papers, Publish Month End Financials.

Month End Preparation Webinar                   Month End Documentation

Year End Webinar – Topics: Retained Earnings Reconciliation Aids, Tests of Balances Concepts, Year end test of balances issue resolution and lead sheet reports, Understanding the reconciling tools within the system, Make sure job cost and revenue tie out to your general ledger, Make sure other components of your summary of contracts tie out, Understand concepts that impact the quality of your financial information.True up over/under allocated indirect costs at year end, Exception Reports.Insurance Audit Concepts.Webinar Topics:Explain Work Papers, Identify Reports Needed, Reconcile Accounts, Reprint Reports, Put Together Work Papers, Publish Year End Financials.

Year End Preparation Webinar                     Year End Documentation